Caretta Home & Office

Our company is located in furniture industry for over 30 years: Since 1985 we have been operating in the furniture industry. In 1986, our company started production in Mersin industry; In 2007 Mersin-Tarsus Organized Industry Zone has grown its operations by moving its production. Our company has 4200 square meters currently 8500 square meter open space in the production of home furnishings in total 12,700 square meters. Besides the showroom and production activities in the Mediterranean region 7 with wholesale dealers and export abroad, working closely with our valued customers 100 We serve. Our Products ; * Challenging the Year Durability * New Generation Designs * They Model * quality * Economic * Original Styles; * Different Lines * timely Delivery * Comfort and aesthetic perfection in details are at the forefront... TAURUS FURNITURE serve 30 years to produce better models to deal with you. Both high quality, if you say you get both durable and economical to live through us in the right place first. For special places that unite aesthetic quality of ... Our vision is to differentiate our customers' life style .. Customer Satisfaction Anytime and every case, our basic principle of "customer satisfaction" is. Delivery Time is a cost in time and we give you much worth your time. "Timely delivery" on the assertive.